John’s Blog is a new addition to our website.

From time-to-time we plan to share some of our insights and experiences that have been gained in the search industry in Canada over the past 30 years (transcending two centuries!). Established in January 1992, corso, mould + associates is a partner-owned and operated retained search firm with a successful history in the recruitment of management leadership for the Canadian market.

We hope that in the process we will challenge some traditional thinking (and thereby provoke some new thinking), barbeque a few sacred cows, explode some myths about employment and keys to searching for it. We do this with grace and humour, a Canadian perspective, the gentlest of intentions and without malice to anyone. Unfortunately, politicians just present us with too many opportunities not to remain silent.

As our very astute friend has said many times, “when encountering a manure pile, find the pony”. We always attempt to find the positive experience or opportunity in everything that happens with our business. We attempt to channel this into a positive experience for our clients.

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