The salary GAP – expectations vs. reality

Again to quote our very astute friend, “it’s not about the money—it is the money”. In this market place there exists a gap between the perceptions of the employer and those of the job seeker.

Companies believe that now is a good time to ‘snap up’ employees at “a bargain price” as there is wide-spread unemployment.

We are finding however, that truly talented people will not consider leaving an existing situation unless there is some real significant economic gain in addition to a business challenge that will enhances career advancement. This has created a gap with very different expectations on the part of the employer and potential new employees.

This has recently led to stalemates. In either case this frustrates all parties leading to slower growth in employment. The “bargain hire” is a flight risk for the new employer. For those looking, a prospective candidate becomes a “tire kicker” resulting in a more demanding candidate in the future. This has the potential to reinforce the GAP.

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