Making it happen…

Making it happen… Should internal resources be used, or should an external recruiting firm be mandated the search for a new senior hire?

Regardless of how it gets done – make it happen.

A good case can be made for both depending, on the circumstances.   As a firm specialized in recruiting, our answer on the surface will appear somewhat parochial to some.

Our experience is that using an outside source in many cases prevails and that, for a multitude of reasons.

Searches with successful outcomes are the result of well planned and executed search strategies.

These requires a skill set (market knowledge and experience)  that: effectively facilitates internal stakeholders agreeing on position and candidate profile; prevents  lengthy candidate identification process; supports delicate negations around terms of employment, salary, vacation, benefits; includes an  all-important due diligence (references) component.

Without proper, thorough verification of employment references and academic credentials (as well as criminal and credit checks etc) candidate / company objectives may not be in synch.

Flight risk and /or early termination are definite possibilities.  The result is organizationally time consuming and opportunity costs that can be significant.

Finally, will it be internal or external?   If unsure, “making it happen” is what our loyal clients will tell you corso, mould + associates are about.

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