Fit. Everybody agrees that it is important, but what does it mean?

ID-100249468Organizations often vehemently state that “fit” for a new hire/employee that they seek is critical to the organization. Cultural fit is one of the most important yet elusive characteristics to identify in new hires. But what does fit mean?

Culture can loosely be defined as the ‘way we do things around here’. Culture is never static and on-going improvement is a hallmark of successful organizations. Some cultural clues are written and well documented such as Canadian chartered banks. Others such as family business tend to be a loose collection of how the company was built, often business lore and legend.

Defining your culture is an important step in the journey to identify new members who will not only be compatible but will enhance your culture. Culture needs to be an integral part of the strategic planning process. All cultures can be improved and programs designed to enhance the corporate culture must be mandatory on a yearly basis and form part of the “on-boarding” program for any new hire.

The key for a successful new hire is communication based on 360° Feedback and personal observation. The manager of a very successful baseball team when asked to describe his role, simply put said, he said, “I don’t teach them to play ball, my job is to get them to play together as a team.” Without overworking the use of sports analogies…. business leadership is about analysis, strategy and overseeing that the tactics are aligned towards a common goal. That is the culture of the organization.

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