Fit. Everybody agrees that it is important, but what does it mean?

Organizations often vehemently state that “fit” for a new hire/employee that they seek is critical to the organization. Cultural fit is one of the most important yet elusive characteristics to identify in new hires. But what does fit mean? Culture can loosely be defined as the ‘way we do things around here’. Culture is never […]

Tough times don’t last—tough people do

‘Twas the best of times, ‘twas the worst of times’ — Charles Dickens from A Tale of Two Cities. Impact of bad economic times on executive supply of talent and salaries The impact of the recent economic downturn on employment is not new.  Nor should we be surprised of its occurrence as most in the […]

Making it happen…

Making it happen… Should internal resources be used, or should an external recruiting firm be mandated the search for a new senior hire? Regardless of how it gets done – make it happen. A good case can be made for both depending, on the circumstances.   As a firm specialized in recruiting, our answer on the […]

“Too Busy to Write”

We all appreciate favourable comments we receive on “monthly” newsletters to new initiatives, and also the recent remarks about their notable absence of late! To say that we have been too busy to write is no excuse, and yet it’s true.  A very high activity level has caused us to “deviate from plan” and reduce […]

Due diligence – Two sides important for “fit”

Excellent employers require that diligence be conducted on individuals being considered for positions being staffed. Due diligence is traditionally done within the employer’s requirements and framework. The reason is to ascertain “fit” to the corporate culture. If they do not or conduct what is generally called “drive-by” references, the warning signs should become apparent any […]

The salary GAP – expectations vs. reality

Again to quote our very astute friend, “it’s not about the money—it is the money”. In this market place there exists a gap between the perceptions of the employer and those of the job seeker. Companies believe that now is a good time to ‘snap up’ employees at “a bargain price” as there is wide-spread […]


John’s Blog is a new addition to our website. From time-to-time we plan to share some of our insights and experiences that have been gained in the search industry in Canada over the past 30 years (transcending two centuries!). Established in January 1992, corso, mould + associates is a partner-owned and operated retained search firm […]

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